Aleta Pippin
American Abstract Oil Painter

Pippin Pippin


“My paintings are about energy (vibration), color, and freedom. My work has a spiritual bent and is a result of continual exploration. I believe that true art comes from within and color is central to my individual expression.

I paint spontaneously, allowing the painting to flow freely through me; allowing the painting to express, paying attention to the direction it’s leading. When I’m in this zone of freely expressing, I’m deeply involved in the evolution of the painting, acting as a vessel through which the energy and intuition are flowing. When the painting is completed, I stand back to view it and am awestruck to see the amazing color, energy of marks, and astonishing beauty.

My statement is beauty, which can be translated differently for every individual. For me, it is the imparting of a feeling of appreciation, joy, and energy. I give the viewer freedom to find their own truth and to see beauty in their own way when observing my paintings. I like to think of my art as liberating, offering a creative window into resonant beauty – the kind that blossoms under a figurative lens. It is gratifying to have viewers/collectors express how beautiful and powerful the paintings and how they are touched by the color, energy, and imagery.”


As her third career, Aleta Pippin’s artistic venture has grown from a faraway dream to a full time passion. While she found art at a young age, Pippin grew up with little cultural exposure putting the potential of an artistic profession far from her mind. She instead followed the path of marriage, children and a stable job. Her drive to create stayed with her and in 1984, Pippin embarked on her second career – entrepreneur. She opened her own executive suite business, growing it to four locations and eventually making the list of the 50 largest women-owned businesses in Houston.

Still drawn to the art world, Pippin moved to Santa Fe with her husband in 1991. She took her first painting class in 1992, thus the beginning of her third creative career and ever evolving artistic journey. Pippin continued classes with local artists, and eventually evolved from realistic portraiture into abstraction. There was restlessness about Pippin however, and when other opportunities came into her life, she took a four-year hiatus from painting.

In 2000, Pippin’s passion for art exploded back into her life, blooming into a full-time career. She improved her technique and found her own personal style of abstraction with vivid color and a contemporary feel. Always exploring new media, she went from acrylics to oils to mixed media, and has now returned to acrylics and oils. Her commitment to paint became complete during this artistic evolution.

She is a true example of a generation that grasps opportunities no matter when they arise in life.   Her passion is to create a “sensory experience of color and mood. ”

“I’m continually assessing my work considering how I’d like it to evolve. As a result, I’m constantly exploring various media, resulting in learning new skills. I consider my artwork a tribute to the beauty and the vibrational impact that color imparts, and I infuse that appreciation into every piece. Being an artist is a life journey as well as an interior journey.” Aleta Pippin

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