Joe McFadden (1949-2014)
American Oil Painter


Joe McFadden's Artist Statement and Biography...

“After graduating from college with a degree in painting, and after the obligatory pilgrimage to New York City, where I was told, all serious painters lived, I quit painting.

JOE MCFADDEN IN HIS STUDIO PAINTING FAITH, HOPE & CHARITYIt was not that I was critical of what others were doing; in fact I enjoyed the circus-like atmosphere of the big city art world.  There were lots of ideas and everyone I knew was passionate about what she or he was doing.  It was just painfully obvious to me that I had no personal connection to it.

It has always been my opinion that painting is first and foremost a unique form of communication.  A painting can make a statement that a poem or piece of music cannot.  Most of the information we absorb, conscious or subconscious, is visual, and as we go about our lives, we constantly make connections between disparate images.  Usually these connections are subliminal, but we still assign meaning to them and I believe they play a profound role in who we are.

Even though I was not painting, I continued to study art history and whenever possible, to visit museums. 

While in Italy, looking at work that was religiously inspired, it occurred to me that the concept of a Saint is simply an idea with a face.  The human face is truly a magical landscape, and I believe the expression of any idea or emotion can be found in it.

I started painting faces, making them up, twisting them, distorting them, looking for a dialog between the painting and me.  I added references to things from my life that I find important: history, literature, mythology, anything that occurs to me while the piece is in progress.  In many of the pieces, humor plays a role, breaking the unspoken rule about combining humor with fine art.  Humor is an important part of my life, so it is in the paintings. 

The collar and thin necks are trademarks of the saints; they offer an effective barrier between mind and heart, an essential element in the human condition.

The Saints are quixotic, grounded in history but very contemporary, serious yet whimsical. The fundamental idea is that of the shared universal experience; the more connection I have to a painting, the more honest it is, and the more of a connection the viewer will have.”

Joe McFadden

Corporate Collections

•        Florida State University Computing Center, Tallahassee, FL

•        The Florida Bar Association, Tallahassee, FL

•        The Governor’s Club, Tallahassee, FL

•        Keep Florida Beautiful Foundation, Tallahassee, FL

•        First South Bank, Tallahassee, FL

•        Holland and Knight, PA, Tallahassee, FL

•        Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Tallahassee FL

•        Florida State University Research Center, Tallahassee, FL

•        Florida Historical Society, Tampa, FL

•        Gray Harris Robinson, PA, Tallahassee, FL


 Private Collections

•        Ron and Cheryl Howard, NY, NY

•        Karen Baltier, Benicia, CA

•        Dan Beal, Phoenix, AZ

•        Dr. Tony Moser, Moultrie GA

•        Tim Bowers, Milwaukee, WI

•        Steve Buck, San Francisco, CA

•        Chase Buritt, Ft. Pierce, FL

•        Mr. and Mrs. Bob Eisenger, Phoenix AZ

•        Jeff Johnson, Duvall, WA

•        Daniel Balys, Chicago, IL

•        Tobin and Denise Beck, San Jose, CA

•        Julian Heise-Benson, Northfield, IL

•        Ann Bowman, Colorado Springs, CO

•        Barry Burkholder, Wilmington, NC

•        Lee and Cliff Hinkle, Tallahassee, FL

•        Bruce and Joann Evans, Birmingham, AL

•        Anna Huang, Wayland, MA

•        Kaylin Koch, Canyon City, CO

•        Marion and Stan Leff, Sacramento, CA

•        J.B. Basani, Phoenix, CO

•        Joey Best, Sedona, AZ

•        Helen Blythe, Paso Robles, CA

•        Sharon and Ken Bryant, Seattle WA

•        Mary Burns, Quincy, MA

•        Sabrina DiMichele, Houston, TX

•        Dan and Debbie Hilton, Lake Sherwood, CA

•        Kathy Jameson, Lake Forest, IL

•        Michele Kong, Thousand Oaks, CA

•        Sam and Shiela Lewis, Lincolnshire, IL

•        Bruno Lupien, Apex, NC

•        Mike O’Neal, Dallas, TX

•        Neil Weinrib, NY, NY

•        Lawrence Sita, Silver Springs, MD


Recent Exhibitions Solo and Group

•        Galleria Silecchia, Sarasota, FL

•        Studio E Gallery, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

•        Proctor Fine Art, Sedona, AZ

•        Kathryn Dixon Fine Art, Seaside, FL

•        Studio E Gallery, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

•        Proctor Fine Art, Sedona, AZ

•        Lemoyne Art Foundation, Tallahassee, FL

•        Kathryn Dixon Fine Art, Seaside, FL

•        Proctor Fine Art, Sedona, AZ

•        Gallery 707, Santa Fe, NM

•        New York Art Expo, New York, NY

•        Proctor Fine Art, Sedona, AZ

•        The Blue Spiral 1, Ashville, NC

•        The Signature Gallery, Tallahassee, FL

•        Proctor Fine Art, Sedona, AZ

•        The Nice Picture Company, Cashiers, NC

•        The Florida Art Center, Havana, FL

•        The Blue Spiral 1, Ashville, NC

•        The Florida Art Center, Havana, FL

•        The Ft. Walton Arts and Design Society, Ft. Walton, FL

•        Museum of Arts and Science, Daytona, FL


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